Initial Thoughts
Parking is a thing.
It's quieter.
Obviously the weather is nice.

I'm walking here more than I thought.
Biking the neighborhood is possible, albeit different.

A ponytail guy stood in the middle of a parking lot entrance entranced by his phone. A woman driving waited for him to move so that she could enter the parking lot. He didn't move. She didn't use her horn.

Meanwhile in Thai Town, a Hollywood Boulevard casualty demonstrated karate on an Asian kitchen worker on his cigarette break. 

They say it can be a lonely town.
Things do seem magnified.
The pressure to do things is intensified.
Because you move out here to do things.
So go out and do things.
Unfortunately, the couch is made of quicksand.
Often you need help to get out.

Forced myself out on a Saturday night.
Sat at a tiki bar by myself.
Drank a Karate Punch.

I thought it would be fun being a stranger.
It's fun when you're passing through.
Otherwise it's just strange.