Lots of Chicago people in Los Feliz.
Ran into Hans on Hillhurst.
He's expecting his first child on Monday.
"Today is Thursday," I said.
Hans agreed.

My musical partner Thea provided a helpful list of necessary establishments to get one's bearings. She and her husband Sean have been showing me around.

Ran into Katie from Teachers walking her dog.
We did a burlesque show in Chicago years ago.

That was Nick at the coffee shop the other day.
He was in a Funny or Die web series for which I provided the music.

Caught the legendary Marty & Elayne at The Dresden.
Elayne's solos are the best.
A prancing flute followed by a locomotive synth.
Marty whips around that kit so swiftly.
A couple glasses of wine.
I'll be back.

Bought produce at the farmer's market.
Took a hike through Griffith Park.
Found the Silverlake Reservoir.
It's dry.

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Fish Tacos.
Doner Kebab.
In n Out.
$4 Pho.

Went to Echo Park to catch The Can at Rafa's.
An authentic slap fight happened on stage.
Followed by Rebecca's nude comedy piece - though I believe she kept her shoes on.
Monique did dog stand-up.
She used to cut my hair in Chicago.
Then Maggie, who I hadn't seen in many years, popped in to run on-the-street auditions for a non-union spot.
Suddenly I'm on Sunset Blvd being discovered.

Glendale. A suburb on steroids.
I had no idea this giant outdoor mall existed.
It elicited an actual whoa from my mouth.
Met Jessica there in her heaven.
We performed comedy on a cruise ship for a few months of our lives. It was the best.
Caught up among the models and comedians waiting tables.

Met old friends for drinks at Ye Rustic Inn.
One is getting married (Mark)
One is having a child (Andrew)
One is still typecast as a serial killer (George)

Dunbar drove me around.
We had Second City Tour Co callbacks together in the decade prior.
Now we're eating roast beefs in Mid-Wilshire talking about doing a music video.

Went to an improv show.
So many familiar faces.
Too many to greet!
Chatted with Bob mostly.
Our first improv group included a mop as a troupe member.
It was the 90s.

Hey that was my photographer friend Jim.
He was headed down Hollywood Boulevard to snap the cosplay folk.

Somebody stuck a Scientology flyer on the van.
Meanwhile the toaster I got at Goodwill brands Jesus into each slice.

I think I like it here.
For the time being.
This first week.
So far.

The only thing I don't get is the weather.
Every day is beautiful.
I don't fucking get it.