I make my living as a script supervisor.
Continuity on commercials.
I'm with IATSE Local 476 in Chicago.
In Los Angeles, scripties fall under Local 871.
It would be nice to get some work while I'm here.

Stopped into Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund.
It's in Burbank.

I had already submitted my 100 days of experience.
Filled out an I-9 and took a color blind test.
Passed with flying - nevermind.

Took a safety class.
Took a written test.
"Good job" I was told from behind the glass.

5 more classes to go:
• Environmental Safety
• Scaffold Use
• Respiratory Protection
• Noise Exposure
• Hazard Communication

In the meantime I have a temporary ID card.

I spoke with 871.
I can join!
The initiation fee is $6727.08.
Application fee is $100.
Quarterly dues are $185.
Then I can work.

Who's running this town? Mötley Crüe?