The sun was out in Highland Park.
Brooklyn with palm trees.

Jon Spencer from the Bellbottoms video was there, decked out in bright orange coveralls.
Only he was a woman sipping artisanal coffee.

I poked around a few music shops, record stores, and a vintage knick knackery inserted into the stretch of auto garages and party supply stores.

There's no denying the gentrification.
For the moment the cultures coexist.
But eventually that bumper sticker's gonna fade.

I decided to load up on sugar.
For lunch I went to Donut Friend.
Indie rock donuts with cute punny names.
S'morrissey, Fudgegazi, Nutellavision.
I ordered the X-Ray Speculoos: cookie butter inside a traditional donut, with chocolate glaze and topped with sea salt.
As I devoured it, someone's rent shot up $50.

Next I hit Galco's Soda Pop Stop.
Willy Wonka downsized into a buzzy, fluorescent market.
Aisles and aisles of every soda imaginable.
A cooler of old school candy bars awaiting consumption.
Life-size cardboard cut outs of Galco's son, John, endorsing soda.
Actual life-size John, eyeing me snapping photos.

The Galco's motto is "freedom of choice."
I chose a Moxie soda.
"Don't drink it all!" the cashier urged.
"Don't drink it all?" I puzzled.
She laughed.
"It's a sipper."
Apparently some people think it tastes like medicine.
I would have stayed longer.
But I needed a nap.
Or a Jolt Red Eye.