You ought to do it once.
Walk down that stench of Hollywood Boulevard.
Not sure I have anything new to offer.
I'll just say what I saw.

Scientology Creeps
White men with crisp haircuts politely murmuring at you.
One handed me a pamphlet.
"free personality test"
I grabbed it.
He held onto to it.
"let me tell you how it works"
I was walking so I kept walking.
The pamphlet stayed with me.
Not really.

The Jimi Hendrix Guy
Points for left-handedness.
Small cluster of people filming with phones.
Low CU mtv angles.
They looked as intense as he did slopping through "Voodoo Chile" in a defunct storefront.

'Repent' Kooks
Strange people posing as Christians.
Afraid and confused.
Crosses, signs, bullhorns.
"This may be your last opportunity!"
To repent.
It would be nice if it was the very last opportunity.
Then they would pack up and leave.

The Little Richard Guy
Why is the Little Richard guy singing "Purple Rain?"

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Cosplay ground zero.

Zorro lanced about.
Robot guy moved a little.
A Spiderman and a Wolverine divvied up fresh cash.
Harlem Globetrotter guy mugged.
Marilyn Monroe did odd shoulder blade work.

Catwoman woman stopped in her tracks.
She pawed at her pouch and muttered.
"Why does this always happen to me?"

As dudes shoved mix tapes toward my stomach, I noted a few stars on the Walk of Fame: 
Leeza Gibbons, Ann B Davis, Vanna White.
A tall millennial shouted with great diction.

Meanwhile Rock n Roll Jesus was on his break.
Jesus with an acoustic guitar.
Sitting on the sidewalk, Jesus seemed bummed out.
A vacancy loomed in his eyes.
I blame the Repent Kooks.

General Sadness
Not sure why I find this strip so sad.
If you look around people are smiling.
And the superheroes are pocketing dough.
Maybe I just wish they were less obvious.
Batmans and Marilyns and shit.
I'd give five bucks to a Klondike Kat.