I wandered Chinatown with my friend Jim.
The plaza down Gin Ling Way.
Galleries on Chung King Rd.
Domino games on Mei Ling Way.
The light was nice around Dynasty Center.
Jim snapped a few photos, as that is his profession.
I was hypnotized by the madness of colors in the bazaar.
Everything arranged like magical candy.
I could've eaten a blouse.

We caught up over kung pao and coffee, comparing our lists of Chicago ex-pats.
The numbers are large.
Jim had never really considered LA.
That rep it had.
But it seems to suit him just fine.
A richness lurks underneath the surface.

I goofed around on my own.
Browsed kimonos for my wife.
There was a size 8 that looked good.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I held off on the kimono.

Considered purchasing a seal carving.
But I didn't know what they were.

Ended up at Caveman Vintage Music.
Walls decorated with Tescos and Mosrites.
Things you rarely see in the wild.
I could've eaten those, too.

Ultimately I left Chinatown with the following:
• an umbrella
• a parasol
• a garbage can Homie®
• a pink "cable take pole"*

*That's a selfie stick.
Because I've lost my mind.